Terms and Conditions

Dubai Holding Loyalty Programme General Terms and Conditions

The loyalty programme for Dubai Holding LLC and its subsidiaries (excluding Jumeriah International LLC) is currently known as “TICKIT”.

The Dubai Holding Loyalty Programme (“DHLP”) is operated by DH Loyalty LLC under the terms and conditions as set out below unless otherwise expressly stated in the DHLP Rules. The DHLP Rules govern the relationship between DHLP and its Members including how Members manage their membership accounts, earn and redeem DHLP Points.

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all Members of the DHLP. It is your responsibility as a Member to read and understand these terms and conditions in full. By enrolling via the DHLP App, you agree that:

DHLP Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions set out below, along with the DHLP Rules are referred to as the "Terms and Conditions". These Terms and Conditions were last updated on [insert] and supersede and override any previous terms and conditions.

1. General

1.1. The following definitions shall apply:

  • "Active" refers to Members who have had actively used their Membership by collecting DHLP Points in the previous two (2) years;
  • "DHLP" means Dubai Holding's loyalty programme;
  • "DHLP Account" means the Member’s account on the DHLP App which details the DHLP Points earned and redeemed by a Member, transaction history, DHLP Partner offers etc/redeemed, historical transactions, offers from participating brands;
  • "DHLP App" means the downloadable mobile application operated by or on behalf of Dubai Holding in connection with the DHLP including, but not limited to, the iPhone and Android versions thereof.
  • "DHLP Bonus Points" are the Points Members earn in addition to the regular Points from an eligible spend and usually related to a promotional offer;
  • "DHLP Card" means the Member’s debit or credit card registered in the DHLP App and as further set out at clause 1.2 below;
  • "DHLP Partner" is a company or organisation which: (a) accepts DHLP Virtual Payment Cards from a Member in exchange for goods or services; and/or (b) allows a Member to earn DHLP Points when they purchase its goods or services;
  • "DHLP Points" are the reward currency earned by using the DHLP Card at DHLP Partner outlets;
  • "DHLP Virtual Payment Card" is the card generated by a Member when redeeming DHLP Points;
  • "Dubai Holding" means DH Loyalty LLC., the entity with ultimate responsibility for DHLP, or any other company within the same group of companies (excluding Jumeirah International LLC);
  • "Eligible Spend" means the expenditure by the Member at a Partner Outlet using the DHLP Card which is eligible to accrue DHLP Points;
  • "Member" is a person who is a member of the DHLP and "Membership" shall be construed accordingly;
  • "Partner Outlet" means an outlet operated by a DHLP Partner and which is participating in the DHLP and "Partner Outlets" shall be construed accordingly. The current list of Partner Outlets can be found on the DHLP App;
  • "Privileges" are the exclusive amenities and services provided to a Member depending on the Tier that Member has attained;
  • "Tier" means the membership level of the DHLP;
  • "Tier Points" means the status points of the DHLP earned by a Member in respect of qualification for a Tier in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and the DHLP Rules;
  • "Virtual Wallet" means a wallet app on the Member’s mobile device, e.g. Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay;
  • "Website" refers to https://gettickit.com/, a website operated by or on behalf of Dubai Holding, where a Member can access details of the DHLP and manage their Membership.

1.2. The DHLP Card is the credit or debit card (Visa or Mastercard) which the Member registers with the DHLP App. Purchases made by the Member using the DHLP Card at Partner Outlets will earn DHLP Points subject to these Terms and Conditions and the Rules.

1.3. Membership, DHLP Points, Tiers, and Privileges are offered at the sole discretion of Dubai Holding. Dubai Holding reserves the right to decline to issue or to withdraw Membership from a Member at any time and for any reason (including but not limited to use of the DHLP which Dubai Holding, in its sole discretion, deems excessive or unreasonable). The withholding or termination of Membership may result in the loss of all DHLP Points accumulated at the time of such withdrawal or termination.

1.4. DHLP has no predetermined termination date and shall continue until such time as Dubai Holding decides to terminate the DHLP with or without notice. Members shall have three (3) months from the date on which the DHLP termination is announced to continue accumulating DHLP Points (the "Notice Period"). Starting on the date of expiry of the Notice Period, the Member shall have a further six (6) months within which they must convert all DHLP Points they have accumulated into DHLP Virtual Payment Cards. Nine (9) months from the date on which the DHLP termination is announced, any unredeemed DHLP Points and any unused DHLP Virtual Payment Cards will be cancelled automatically.

1.5. Dubai Holding reserves the right to amend, update, change or delete any aspect of the DHLP at any time, including the Terms and Conditions and Rules, DHLP Points, Tiers, Tier eligibility, Privileges and promotional offers, even if such changes may affect the value of the DHLP Points or Privileges already collected by the Member. It is the responsibility of each Member to remain aware of any such amendments, updates or changes. Dubai Holding will publish the latest Terms and Conditions on its website (gettickit.com). If you require clarification on these Terms and Conditions, you may contact a DHLP advisor by email at support@gettickit.com or via the DHLP App chat function;

1.6. Dubai Holding accepts no responsibility or liability for the withdrawal of any DHLP Partner or Partner Outlet from the DHLP, even though such withdrawal may affect the collection of DHLP Points and Tiers available to a Member, and will no longer be valid after the date on which the Partner Outlet or DHLP Partner exited the DHLP.

1.7. Dubai Holding will endeavour to advise Members of matters of interest, including notifying them of changes to the DHLP, promotions and other offers. However, Dubai Holding accepts no liability for requests or correspondence lost or delayed in the postal system or via electronic mail. Without prejudice to clause 1.5 above, Dubai Holding is not liable for and reserves the right to correct any errors in pricing, typing or description relating to any aspect of the DHLP.

1.8. The sale, transfer or barter of any DHLP Points, DHLP Virtual Payment Cards and Privileges or other DHLP benefits is prohibited.

1.9. In the event of a DHLP Card being lost or stolen and /or in the event of any change to the Member’s personal details, the Member should notify DHLP as soon as possible.

1.10. Any email correspondence sent to a Member is based on the information given to DHLP or Dubai Holding. All Members are responsible for notifying DHLP via the DHLP App or via any Dubai Holding customer support channel of any change to their contact or other details.

1.11. The only valid interpretation of the Terms and Conditions shall be that of DHLP or Dubai Holding.

1.12. The use of and participation in the DHLP, including, but not limited to, the collection of DHLP Points and Privileges or other DHLP benefits may be subject to fees and taxes in the relevant jurisdiction. As a result, Members will be required to pay such fees and taxes as applicable and in accordance with the existing legislation or any similar legislation that may be introduced in the future. Any tax liability, including disclosure, connected with receipt or use of any of the DHLP is the Member’s responsibility.

1.13. All use of DHLP Virtual Payment Cards are subject to VAT at all Partner Outlets.

1.14. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the federal laws of the United Arab Emirates and the Emirate of Dubai. In the event of any dispute, Members agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Emirate of Dubai.

1.15. The DHLP, (including DHLP Points, Privileges and any other goods and services given to Members) is provided to the extent permissible by any applicable law without any warranties or guarantees, including implied warranties of satisfactory quality or fitness for a particular purpose. To the extent permissible by any applicable law, Dubai Holding excludes all liability and responsibility for itself and its affiliates, Partners and agents for loss or damage of whatever nature (including but not limited to loss of profits or anticipated savings, wasted expenditure or attorney's fees) arising from or in connection with a Member's participation in the DHLP, regardless of whether such loss or damage would arise in the ordinary course of events or otherwise, is reasonably foreseeable or otherwise, or is caused by any error or omission of Dubai Holding, its affiliates, Partners or agents (whether negligent or not), except that nothing affects the liability of Dubai Holding, its affiliates, Partners or agents for death or personal injury caused by their negligence or any other liability which may not be excluded or limited by law.

1.16. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is deemed unlawful, void or for any other reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severed from the Terms and Conditions and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any other provisions.

1.17. Dubai Holding's failure to exercise or enforce any rights or provisions of the Terms and Conditions will not constitute a waiver of such rights or provisions.

1.18. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall create a contractual relationship with, or cause of action in favour of, any third party. Any rights of any third party to enforce these Terms and Conditions under any applicable legal principle, statute or otherwise are excluded.

1.19. General words shall not be given a restrictive interpretation by reason of their being preceded or followed by words indicating a particular class of assets, matters or things.

1.20. The language of the Terms and Conditions shall be English and any and all communications relating thereto (including but not limited to any complaints or disputes), shall be conducted in the English language.

1.21. These Terms and Conditions incorporate by reference the Rules and any other terms and conditions appearing on the DHLP App and Website from time to time and represent the entire agreement between Dubai Holding and Members in relation to the DHLP and supersede any previous agreement between them. Each Member acknowledges that he/she is not relying on any representation, warranty or other statement relating to the DHLP which is not set out in these Terms and Conditions. Members shall not be entitled to any remedies in respect of any representation, warranty or other statement (other than those set out in these Terms and Conditions) being false, inaccurate or incomplete unless it was made fraudulently.

2. Application for Membership

2.1. Individuals can apply for DHLP Membership via the DHLP App.

2.2. All mandatory information required for Membership must be supplied accurately and in full. Dubai Holding may reject any request if the required information is not supplied accurately and in full. Once all mandatory information has been provided, the Member will receive a one time password ("OTP") confirming enrolment in the DHLP has been successful.

2.3. After the Member is successfully enrolled into the DHLP and has activated their membership, confirmation will be sent via the DHLP App.

2.4. After enrolment, a Member of the DHLP can register one or more DHLP Cards to the Member’s DHLP Account. Any use of the DHLP Card at a Partner Outlet will accrue DHLP Points to the Member’s DHLP account, whether the DHLP Card has been used by the Member or another person.

2.5. It is the sole responsibility of the Member to ensure that no person obtains unauthorised access to the Member’s DHLP Card, Membership number or password. The Member shall be solely responsible for any activity linked to their Membership.

2.6. DHLP Membership is available only to individuals and not to companies, partnerships, associations, groups or other entities.

2.7. Dubai Holding may refuse Membership without being required to give a reason for doing so.

2.8. Members must be sixteen (16) years of age or over.

2.9. Members shall not have multiple Memberships in the DHLP. Any multiple Memberships held by a Member will be cancelled automatically by Dubai Holding without notice to the Member.

2.10. The DHLP Virtual Payment Card is non-transferable and may only be used by the Member.

2.11. The DHLP Virtual Payment Card may not be exchanged at Partner Outlets for cash or any Partner Outlet credit or gift card.

2.12. Members may be required to provide proof of identification at Partner Outlets (upon request) when using any Privileges relating to the DHLP, in order for the Member’s identity to be established. If a Member fails to provide sufficient proof of their identity upon request, Dubai Holding reserves the right to refuse to provide any DHLP-related Privilege relating to that Member.

2.13. Membership and any application for Membership is void if prohibited by the applicable laws of the Member’s or applicant’s country of residence.

2.14. Any Member may terminate their Membership via the DHLP App. Membership will be terminated immediately upon receipt of such notice by Dubai Holding and all unredeemed DHLP Points, unused DHLP Virtual Payment Cards and Privileges, will be forfeited immediately and may not be reinstated or later transferred.

2.15. All information provided by a Member will be processed in accordance with DHLP Privacy Policy, which can be found at https://gettickit.com/privacy-notice.php.

2.16. Dubai Holding reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Membership of any Member, if that Member appears (in the sole discretion of Dubai Holding) to be using the DHLP in a manner inconsistent with these Terms and Conditions or intent of the DHLP or any portion of the DHLP, including, but not limited to, improper collection of DHLP Points or improper use of Privileges or Virtual Payment Cards. Dubai Holding also reserves the right to terminate the Membership of any Member if there are reasonable grounds for suspecting in the sole discretion of Dubai Holding) that the Member has:

  • 2.16.1. Acted in a manner inconsistent with applicable local or federal laws or regulations;
  • 2.16.2. Breached or violated any of these Terms and Conditions;
  • 2.16.3. Engaged in any fraudulent or dishonest behaviour, theft, misconduct or wrongdoing in connection with the DHLP;
  • 2.16.4. Engaged in any abusive, fraudulent, disruptive, inappropriate, offensive or hostile conduct, whether it be physical, verbal or written in nature, towards any Dubai Holding employee or DHLP Partner employee;
  • 2.16.5. Failed to pay any bills or accounts due to Dubai Holding; or
  • 2.16.6. Attempted to collect Points relating to any spend not attributed to the Member.

2.17. Such terminated Membership may result in the loss of all accumulated DHLP Points and the cancellation of any unused DHLP Virtual Payment Cards, Privileges and the loss of any associated Tier status. In addition to the termination of such Membership, Dubai Holding shall have the right to take such appropriate administrative and/or legal action as it deems fit against the Member, including, without limitation, criminal prosecution.

2.18. Each Member is responsible for remaining familiar with these Terms and Conditions and the number of Points and Tier status he or she has accumulated. Transaction statements will be available to a Member via the DHLP App as long as the Membership is Active. Transaction statements will include information concerning DHLP Points, DHLP Virtual Payment Cards and Tiers.

2.19. Membership is valid for two (2) years from the date of the Member’s enrolment in the DHLP. Dubai Holding reserves the right at any time, in its sole discretion to deactivate Membership in the event that a Member does not use the Membership for two (2) years. In such a case, a Member would be required to reapply to the DHLP as a new Member.

2.20. A Member does not have any ownership rights in relation to the DHLP Account, the DHLP Points and/or DHLP Virtual Payment Card.

2.21. Dubai Holding may sell, transfer, assign or novate the DHLP and all items associated with the DHLP, including but not limited to Privileges, DHLP Points, DHLP Accounts and DHLP Virtual Payment Cards, in whole or in part at any time without notice to the Member. In the event of any such assignment or novation, all rights and/or obligations will pass to the party to which Dubai Holding assigns or novates and Dubai Holding shall not further exercise any rights and shall be released from all such obligations.

2.22. Responsibility for Goods and Services - Dubai Holding is not responsible for any delivery, standard, quality, safety, use, suitability, defect or any other aspect of any goods or services purchased by the Member at a Partner Outlet, whether using a DHLP Card and/or a DHLP Virtual Payment Card.

2.23. Responsibility for Acts, Errors, or Omissions - Dubai Holding is not responsible for: (a) any loss or misdirection of, or delay in receiving, any Member enrolment, correspondence, redemption requests, Redemption or Privileges; (b) theft or unauthorised redemption of DHLP Points or DHLP Virtual Payment Card ; (c) any acts or omissions of third parties; or (d) any errors published in relation to the DHLP, including, without limitation, any pricing or typographical errors, errors of description, errors regarding DHLP Partners, and errors in the crediting or debiting of DHLP Points from DHLP Accounts. Dubai Holding reserves the right to correct, without notice, any errors.